Prenatal consultations: available from your 36th week of pregnancy

Information about birth and Caesarean sections

Here at Döbling Private Hospital, we offer mothers-to-be personal consultations with our midwives from their 36th week of pregnancy. These sessions provide a wealth of advice and support prior to birth.

Expectant mothers, particularly if they have not yet chosen a specific physician for the birth, often have many questions and concerns. We are here to help.

Whether you are planning a C-section or a vaginal birth, every mother-to-be is welcome.

By offering these consultations, we hope to answer any questions and ease any worries you may have before you give birth. They also cover the organizational side of things and help you prepare.

Organizational topics we can help with:

  • Explaining organizational details in advance so you are relaxed during admission
  • Filling out admission paperwork
  • Taking your medical history
  • On request: arranging for an attending doctor for your birth

Individual and personal topics we can help with:

  • Discussing what happens during birth, including if you have a C-section
  • Sensitive discussion of any questions or worries you may have about birth
  • Tips for during birth and immediately after


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Duration 30 minutes
Where Obstetrics Department at Privatklinik Döbling
Cost free


Heiligenstädter Straße 55-65, 1190 Vienna Icon Standort