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Consultation with a midwife

Expectant mothers have the right to a one-hour consultation with a midwife between the 18th and 22nd week of pregnancy. This free consultation is included in the mother-child health passport and can be claimed independently of the medical examinations. (Unlike the required medical examinations of the expectant mother and the child, the consultation with a midwife is not a prerequisite for continuing to receive the child care allowance in full.)


The midwife will give you a wide range of information as part of a one-hour conversation. However, this is also an opportunity to talk about any concerns or problems you may have, and the midwife can give you tips on where to find additional support.

The topics covered in the consultation with a midwife include:

  • Course of the pregnancy, birth and postnatal care
  • Health-promoting behavior, negative effects of alcohol and nicotine, nutrition and exercise, protection against infectious diseases, etc.
  • Prenatal classes and exercises
  • Different forms of birth and their long-term effects
  • Health-promoting aspects of breastfeeding
When by arrangement
Where by arrangement
Cost The midwife will charge you €50 for the consultation. You can submit the invoice for this charge to your health insurance company and will be reimbursed in full.
Information and to arrange an appointment Katja Carstensen M: +43 676 914 71 51
  Anja Ferro M: +43 676 729 77 67
  Rilana Gollinger M: +43 660 291 19 74
  Iris Graf-Harrer M: +43 650 290 37 71
  Lea Hintermaier (derzeit in Karenz) M: +43 680 442 99 13
  Krystina Kolb M: +43 699 10 07 29 09
  Nazli Peyman M: +43 699 12 94 84 29
  Elisabeth Pfeifer-Pavlovic E:
  Ruth Schuster M: +43 699 17 05 08 75
  Eva Toth M: +43 677 62 94 77 92

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