Obstetric services

At Döbling Private Hospital, we are committed to enabling you to have a natural birth experience, according to your needs. Individual support for each woman in labor is our primary concern. On your own or with your partner and / or another person close to you, you may work with your midwife to shape the birthing process according to your ideas, needs and desires. Whether you want to listen to music, walk around, sit, lie down, or relax with aromatic scents or in a birthing tub, our individual delivery rooms are the perfect environment.

Our expert team of midwives, state-of-the-art technical equipment, as well as the presence of your obstetrician/gynecologist during labor ensure a feeling of safety during childbirth at Döbling Obstetrics. Should a Caesarean section become necessary, it can be carried out immediately in the presence of a pediatrician.

Furthermore, our department features a modern medical equipment such as incubators and intubation equipment. Through our close cooperation with the Children's Hospital of the Medical University of Vienna, we are also able to treat premature infants and infants who have difficulty adjusting after the birth, thus requiring continuous monitoring.

Two delivery rooms with special delivery beds, relaxation and birthing tubs

Our two delivery rooms are warm and friendly. Various support items such as fitness ball, wall bars and mats are happily included.

Delivery bed
A delivery bed is more than simply a bed - it facilitates and supports every conceivable horizontal and vertical birthing position. Individualized height adjustment of middle part and backrest result in different levels that allow for any desired position and thus facilitate childbirth itself.

Relaxation and birthing tub
To relax during the dilatation phase, as well as an option for water births, a specialized bathtub is provided. Prior examination and CTG monitoring help you decide whether this method is suitable for you and your future baby.

Pain-free birth

Especially for first-time mothers, joyous anticipation of the childbirth may be overshadowed by fears of pain during delivery. These birth pains are not experienced with the same intensity by every woman giving birth.

It is therefore up to you, whether and in what form to accept the offer of pain relief. Our specialists in anesthesiology also administer epidurals for painless childbirth.

Caesarean section (C-section)

To ensure safety during childbirth, an anesthesiologist is available at all times in addition to your gynecologist / obstetrician, should a cesarean section (c-section) become  necessary. A pediatrician presides over the procedure.

Outpatient childbirth

Childbirth is also possible on an outpatient basis, if the delivery is expected to be uncomplicated and the baby is completely healthy. It is essential to ensure that postnatal care can be provided by a pediatrician and a midwife at home. We will be happy to help you arrange this if you wish.

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