Offers after the birth of your baby

We would like to continue to support you even after the birth and offer you a comprehensive program of classes, as well as consultations and therapy services by individual appointment.


Rehabilitation exercises

After the birth of the child, the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles are overstretched. In the first days after childbirth, these two groups of muscles cannot be tensed in a controlled manner. Sometimes a temporary weakness of the sphincters of the bladder and bowel can occur.

Around four to six weeks after the birth of your baby, you can join our rehabilitation class. If you had a cesarean section, please wait until after the follow-up visit with your gynecologist to start active exercises at the proper time.

For our rehabilitation training, we pay special attention to specific exercises for the pelvic floor muscles, strengthening the entire body, perception exercises, relaxation, and breathing. Of course your baby is very welcome too!

When Thursday, 10:00 a.m.
Duration and costs 1 unit for 50 minutes: €38
Where Döbling Private Hospital, gym at the Institute for Physical Medicine (new building diagonally across from the hospital, 1st floor)
Information and to arrange an appointment Please register by telephone before the first class.
T: +43 1 360 66-7710

Consultation, treatment

Postnatal care and/or breastfeeding advice


The first weeks after the birth are a very sensitive time – many things are new and you still have to adjust to the daily routine with the newborn. It can be a great advantage to have a competent contact person during this time.

Consultation and support after leaving the hospital by members of our team

When by arrangement
Where by arrangement
Cost by arrangement
Under certain conditions, your insurance may reimburse you for some of the costs for postnatal care by attending midwives.
For more information or to make an appointment
Postnatal care for mother and baby by the midwife
  Karin Bernhofer, BSc (currently on maternity leave) M: +43 664 151 15 05
  Claudia Deutsch M: +43 660 76 76 475
  Anja Ferro M: +43 676 729 77 67
  Lea Hintermaier
M: +43 680 442 99 13
  Anja Hölzl M: +43 650 430 66 26
  Natalie Holzmann M: +43 650 591 91 58
  Krystina Kolb
M: +43 699 10 07 29 09
  Magdalena Jutz  
  Farzaneh Khani M: +43 677 615 179 66
  Christina Kroiss M: +43 650 849 99 55
  Eva Neubauer (currently on maternity leave) M: +43 677 62 94 77 92
  Nazli Peyman M: +43 699 12 94 84 29
  Shirin Ratheiser M: +43 664 549 15 15
  Ruth Schuster M: +43 699 17 05 08 75
Care of the newborn by the pediatric nurse
  Gladys Castro  M: +43 699 19 67 91 18
  Lucie Gaura  
  Linda Gerstenmayer
(IBCLC - Lactation- and BreastfeedingConsultant)
M: +43 676 61 55 958
  Petra Kelch M: +43 660 560 46 77
  Sandra Soskovic M: +43 660 460 89 98
  Katharina Ungerböck M: +43 650 606 06 06


TIP: You can find additional midwives and breastfeeding consultants at or

PLEASE NOTE: If there are acute uncertainties or problems related to your baby, please contact a pediatrician in private practice or the pediatric outpatient clinic of a hospital.

Baby massage – “loving touch”

In the first phase of the baby’s life, its skin is a very important organ, because there is no other way through which it can feel affection and tenderness more strongly.

A baby massage satisfies the child’s need for attentive physical contact and helps you and your baby become closer.

The baby massage promotes the infant’s harmonious mental development, increases its metabolism and helps with digestive problems. It boosts the baby’s immune defenses, helps it fall asleep and relieves tension caused by the birth.

The moves and techniques are very easy to learn. Soon the parents become confident that they can fully trust their own abilities.

Attentiveness to the baby, calmness and concentration make the baby massage a very special, profound experience for the parents and child.

Ms. Gladys Castro, certified pediatric and infant nurse, shows you how you can pamper and relax your baby with a loving massage. You can start the baby massage between the 8th and 12th  week of life.

When by arrangement
Duration 4 units of instruction (1 unit per week)
Where Obstetrics, Döbling Private Hospital
Cost € 100
Registration Please register in advance at:
Bach flower therapy

Pregnancy marks the beginning of a new and exciting phase of life for the expectant mother, for the companion, but also for the unborn baby.

Sometimes – especially during this phase with all the changes and adjustments it brings – things can go differently than planned. At times like this, Bach flowers can help establish harmony. The Bach flowers have a direct effect on our mood and, similar to homeopathy, are subtle remedies obtained from flower extracts.


They can also be used to support the whole family after birth and during the first weeks at home.

Bach flowers can help, for example, with:

  • Worries during pregnancy, before and during birth and in the days and weeks afterwards
  • Exhaustion and fatigue
  • Annoyance, mood fluctuations
  • Coming to terms with an unwanted pregnancy or troublesome birth experiences
  • Nausea
  • Premature labor
  • Peace of mind before delivery
  • Excessive worrying about the baby
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • The process of adjusting
  • Babies after suffering from acute stress
Where: Döbling Private Hospital or at your home as part of a home visit
When: individual appointments by arrangement
Price:  € 80

For more information or to make an appointment:

TIP: There are experienced pediatricians available to you at the private practice NEST Pediatric Center. In addition to the mother-child health passport examination, advice, immunizations and the treatment of general ailments such as fever, coughs, abdominal pain, and childhood ailments, special problems, such as allergies, are also treated here.

The private pediatric center “NEST” is embedded in the infrastructure of Döbling Private Hospital and Outpatient Center. With an e-card you can take advantage of the diagnostic examinations (laboratory, X-rays ...) of the Outpatient Center.

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