When do I need to come to Döbling Private Hospital for the first time?

Normally on the delivery date for the CTG check-up, unless you receive different information from your medical specialist.

Which examinations will I need to undergo?

All examinations during pregnancy that are recommended by your medical specialist.

Which documents are required for the registration at the registry office?

You do not need to bring any documents with you to the hospital for the registration at the registry office. The hospital will send an electronic notification of your child's birth to the responsible registry office in Vienna Ottakring. Learn more about the process for issuing the birth certificate on the City of Vienna’s website.

What documents do I need to bring with me for the admission?

The main items you will require for your admission are your mother-child health passport, your e-card, an official photo ID, as well as the policy number for your private health insurance.

What do I need to bring to the delivery?

In principle, you only need clothes for the return home for yourself and your baby.

We will provide everything that you and your baby need while you are staying as an inpatient at our hospital. We will be happy to provide you with a dressing gown, nightgown, sanitary pads, mesh pants, and guest slippers. Cloth and disposable diapers, clothing, etc. will be provided for your baby. Please feel free to bring your own personal sanitary products and other items with you that will help you feel comfortable and at home.

We will be happy to organize a baby car seat for the first car journey in cooperation with the ÖAMTC automobile association.

Are there midwifes present on site?

Yes, a team of midwifes is available on site 24/7. However, you also have the option of bringing your “own” midwife of choice.

What happens if my gynecologist is unexpectedly prevented from attending the birth?

There is a gynecologist on call 24/7 who can then be contacted in these cases.

Is it possible to plan the birth with a gynecologist at Döbling Private Hospital?

We work with a large number of gynecologists. A list of these is available on our website. It is also not a problem if you do not choose a physician beforehand, as you will be cared for by the on-call physician during the birth and over the following days.

Do I need to arrange for the pediatrician independently?

We have pediatricians available to us at all times, so it is not necessary for you to arrange for someone yourself. The following examinations will be performed at the hospital free of charge:

  • Ultrasound hip check / hip joint screening
  • Check-up of the kidney and urinary system
  • Newborn hearing screening

What equipment do the delivery rooms have?

We have two individually designed delivery rooms with a modern delivery environment available to you with birthing stools, wall bars, a Pezzi ball and birthing tub. Our delivery beds support all delivery positions.

Learn more here about our delivery environment.

Can the room that I requested while registering definitely be reserved for me?

We can assure you that we will be able to provide a room and a bed for you. We do our best to fulfill room requests but cannot guarantee these in all certainty. Due to the lack of planning ability with births, it is enough for you to notify us of the room request when you are admitted. You are also welcome to change the room request you made previously at the actual time of admission.

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