If you carry social insurance in Austria and have private special class supplementary insurance, we can bill the charges for the delivery and stay at our hospital directly to your compulsory and private insurance.

TIP: Most insurance rates of the supplementary insurance providers in Austria fully cover the costs from our company. If you have any questions in this regard, we recommend that you contact your private insurance provider.

If the policy of your private special class supplementary insurance includes accommodation in a double room, you have the option to change to a private room or family room (= private room plus companion) by paying an additional charge:

    • Additional charge for private room: € 244 per day
    • Companion (in addition to the charge for the private room) € 96 per day

Billing is per day and not per night, e.g. 1 night = 2 days.

NEW: Private health insurance for expectant mothers

Even if you are already pregnant, it is still possible to take out supplementary insurance that covers all charges associated with the pregnancy and childbirth – without additional costs, without a waiting period.

Please contact the team of at +43 1 961 91 73 or get information online at You will receive an individual offer tailored to your specific needs on the next workday.

If you have any questions about costs, please contact our patient management at the phone number +43 1 360 66-7773.

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