Additional information

Here is some additional information that may be useful to you with respect to the birth of your baby.
Hospital suitcase

While you are preparing for months for the birth of your baby, things can get hectic, when the time has finally come. We encourage you to pack a “hospital suitcase” a few days prior to the estimated date of birth.

Hospital bag: check list

  • Mother-child pass, if available (possibly also your blood group certificate)
  • Nightgowns (if required also provided by our hospital)
  • Slippers
  • Nursing bras (2 - 3)
  • Personal toiletries

For the ride home with the baby

  • Baby gown or onesie
  • Baby jacket
  • Rompers
  • Cotton bonnet
  • Cotton gloves

During the cold season, additionally

  • Wool jacket and pants
  • Wool cap
  • Wool socks
  • Blanket or baby sleeping bag
The journey home with your baby

Safety in the car is important!

To protect your child against the danger of accident you can order a special car seat for your baby from our nurses.

Family room

Upon request it is possible to accommodate the whole family, including the parents and the baby, in a 2 bedroom suite during your stay. Our obstetrics department will be happy to provide you with more details about this service.

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